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Gary Andersen has a plan for everything

Gary Andersen and his new secondary coach, Bill Busch have been together for 18 years, spanning a total of four different jobs. That kind of time around each other in the coaching profession forges a unique personal and professional relationship.

Busch noted in the Wisconsin State Journal that one thing people will notice about Gary Andersen is that he's a man with a plan. Some things will need to be tweaked, but for the most part, Andersen has a plan for whatever may come up.

"Not to be arrogant enough to think there are things out there or challenges that are not being foreseen, that could always come up," Busch explained. "But the biggest thing everyone will see from (Andersen) is that we have a plan. It's not one of those where it's like, 'Well, that sounds good.' We have an exact plan."

"If someone asks us, 'How do you handle this in the weight room?' That's how it's done. 'How about discipline?' It's done. Everyone knows exactly what's going to happen. 'How do Friday nights work before the game?' It's already done. ... All of those things have already been mapped out and time-tested through all of our time together. That puts you in a position to be ready to take over a program like this."

Having a set plan like that going into a new a situation not only impresses during the interview, but also allows all the assistants to be on the same page throughout the year when a potential monkey wrench gets thrown into plans.

With a set structure in place, you have the ability to confront issues head on, those problems can be dealt with, and everyone can move on in the same focused direction while being able to concentrate on the more important things.

If you're planning on taking over a head coaching job someday, having a plan laid out like Andersen's will go a long way for the interview, your program, and the continuity and focus of your staff.