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Gary Andersen ready to play with 6 linebackers

Utah State's Gary Andersen's coaching background is deep in defensive line experience, and the head coach has always been a firm believer that the key to a strong defense is being stout up front.

So far this spring, Andersen has not been impressed with the effort of the Aggies defensive front.

Andersen told reporters yesterday, "We already play an odd front. If these guys can't play, we'll just go with six linebackers". A 1-6 defense does have a unique ring to it, but it's not quite the same as a 4-3 or 3-4. 

"If the line continues to play like this, we're going to have to score 60 points every week if we want to win games." he added.

Spoiler alert: Since his first fall in 2009, the Aggies have put up 49 points or more five times (twice in '09 and, and impressive three times last season), but have yet to hit the 60 point mark......translation> those defensive linemen are in for a long spring.