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Gary Patterson and June Jones no longer buds

This one is gonna leave a mark. Yesterday, on his weekly news conference, Patterson had some rather choice words for Jones and SMU (more on this below). Today on the C-USA call, Jones had his opportunity to respond; and he wasn't particularly nice either. 

So here's what we have. On Saturday SMU beat TCU 40-33 in overtime. From the accounts that we've seen and the people that we have spoken with who were at the game, the C-USA refs were less than stellar (we hear that the commissioner of the C-USA called TCU's AD to apologize over the refs performance). Patterson was not pleased with the refs and let that be known during and after the game; but then he turned his attention (and displeasure) towards Jones and SMU in general. 

The readers digest version of Patterson's quotes...Jones is now 1-8 against TCU...the SMU staff loves to come to TCU to ask for help learning how to win...door is no longer open to them...we won't support them in expansion any more...yes I remember Phil Bennett saying "TC-who" after SMU's win in 2005...I know SMU is watching, they know I'm right.

Literally too many quotes for us to put here; but if you want to read a bunch of them, follow this link.

Jones, who earlier in the week had said that TCU hadn't changed much in years...which helps in game prep (yes, that seemed to upset Patterson), had an opportunity to tone down the issue just a few minutes ago on the C-USA call. Did he take the high road? What do you think? No, no he didn't.

Jones, in reference to Patterson saying that he's wasn't going to help SMU anymore, "He said he wasn't going to help us anymore; but he already has...we're guaranteed a sellout next year."

Asked if we would call Patterson to set the record straight, "I think I will...after he settles down."

Jones added, "Seems like every team we play, [their coaches] lose their mind."

Here's a tip for local high end dining establishments in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, don't book Jones and Patterson on the same night.