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Gary Patterson has considered switching sidelines during home games

Considering what he has looked at changing to add to their "win" column, some coaches would call Gary Patterson superstitious. But for Patterson, it's all about finding creative ways to get players in a winning mindset.

After starting a new tradition of walking off the bus and through tailgaters on their way to the stadium, dubbed the "Frog Walk", TCU got off to a slow 0-3 start in home conference games. Three of their four losses have come at home, including the 56-53 triple overtime loss to Texas Tech.

"We may cut that out. I'm going to do whatever I've got to do to get ourselves back." Patterson said of the walk.

The Star-Telegram states that Patterson has also considered moving TCU to the other sideline, in front of their student section, and even wearing the road white uniforms at home."

"You've got to find a way to win at home. I told them if I have to I'll move over to the student side. If I could have changed uniforms so I could have fooled my group [into thinking it was a road game] I would have worn white at home. We seem to play a lot better in white."

Injuries to key positions, especially the quarterback spot, have definitely contributed to the Horned Frogs (7-4 )struggles. Overcoming that, and winning at home are a few marks of a championship level program, and Patterson and his staff have recognized that.

"We've got to get back to where [we were] because if we don't control home, if we don't protect the Carter, then we'll never win a championship. Getting beat, period, bothers me."

While we don't see them switching sidelines (which, let's be honest, would make for a really interesting storyline), it sounds like Patterson is more than willing to get creative to make sure that they finish strong at home against Oklahoma before heading to a bowl game.

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