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Gary Pinkel explains turning down Michigan interview

Gary Pinkel is now locked up through 2017 after officially agreeing to two-year extension.

Today, Pinkel talked about his future and reflected back on the opportunity to interview for the Michigan head coaching job.

Pinkel told Dave Matter of the Columbia Daily Tribune, “That was a really difficult situation just because I grew up in Ohio and my whole life I hear about Ohio State and Michigan. To have an opportunity like that is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime thing. For me it still boiled down to I just feel so much a part of Missouri now.”

“The reason I didn’t pursue it was because I feel so much a part of Missouri. I’m so committed personally to continue to build the opportunity I was given. And family, a combination of those things. So, I bowed out of it.I feel really good about it. I thought a lot about it. It got really close. But before I went to the interview, it was a matter of hours before when I decided I wasn’t going to pursue it and I wanted to stay at the University of Missouri. So, that’s kind of the conclusion I came to.”

Pinkel added, “We’re a shining light on the state of Missouri and particularly the University of Missouri and Columbia. To me, it’s a responsibility. I have responsibility there. And I take it very seriously. If we can help the university out in any way, that certainly means an awful lot to me.”

In the meantime, the defense has dibs on the black jerseys after yesterday’s triumph over the offense.

Here’s the evidence: