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Georgia getting creative with student tickets

On any campus, the most valuable demographic is the current students. They are the group that will become the donors and season-ticket buyers of the next generation. An equally valuable group, young alumni also represent the future backbone of the athletic department but, without access to student ticket pricing, many turn to finding tickets through a third party or just don't go to games at all due to the high donation requirement to purchase season tickets. 

Georgia has come up with a plan to fix that. Until now, the school had supplied students with 17,910 tickets, only to see an average of 11,802 students actually arrive at Sanford Stadium. Student turnout peaked with the 2011 Auburn game, when students still came more than 2,000 seats short of filling their allotment. 

To rectify this, Georgia will supply young alums (classified as students graduated within the past five years) with 2,000 end zone seats previously reserved for current students. In the first year as season ticket buyers, young alums can buy tickets for $40 apiece. In year two, they will be required to make a $250 donation, and the figure will jump to $500 in year three. 

"The seats in Sanford Stadium for home football games are some of the university’s most coveted resources," Ryan Scates, a Georgia student member of the athletic board, told Bill King of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I commend (Georgia athletic director) Greg McGarity and the UGA Athletics staff for taking a hard look at the most effective way to be a steward of this resource, and to also ensure active alumni support of Georgia athletics for years to come.”

As we mentioned above, may recent graduates were attending games anyway, and just donating their money to scalpers and StubHub instead of their alma mater. Now they will be able get in at a cheaper price, and Georgia has a revenue stream that will stay open for decades and decades to come.