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UGA QB describes intense meeting: Richt is ready to fight someone right now

Georgia practiced for the first time on Thursday, but word has circulated of a pretty intense team meeting on Wednesday night. 

Perhaps Mark Richt let loose some of his frustration from all of the off-season distracting questions about his future. Richt, not surprisingly, handled everything smoothly with the media since then end of last season, but you have to know that he’s boiling inside and ready for another SEC championship. 

According to quarterback Aaron Murray, Richt lit into the ‘Dawgs pretty good during the team meeting. 

Murray called it "my favorite speech Coach Richt has given in three years. He was pumped up, energized, motivating.” 

He added, “I walked out of the room like, 'Wow.' I know as players we're ready to go, but Coach Richt is ready to go out there and fight someone right now. I talked to some of the players and they loved it, too.”

Although Murray wouldn’t add many more details, he did admit, “What happens in the team meeting room stays in the team meeting room. I went out of there ready to play Boise State at 10 o'clock last night."

Richt hinted that he talked about the preseason camp of 2002, the year the Bulldogs won the SEC and finished 13-1.

Richt said, "It hasn't been 20 years. I guess it's been five or six, which is too long in my mind. We talked a little bit about the mindset of the team and the program going into 2002."