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Get to know Utah OC Brian Johnson

At a time in life when most college grads are looking for their first post graduate job, Brian Johnson is getting his feet wet as the youngest coordinator in major college football.

When asked his thoughts on the pressure of having the reigns of the Utes offense at age 24, Johnson told ESPN's Kevin Gemmell "I think with any job there is pressure with how competitive everything is. But I think we're just more excited to put together an offense that can help win a conference championship."

Johnson said that him being at least ten years younger than every other member of the offensive staff has been a non issue. "In this building, we have consummate professionals. Guys understand the task at hand and we understand what it takes to be successful offensively."

Gemmell asked Johnson if he thought his meteoric rise has him thinking about an NFL gig in the near future, Johnson responded that the NFL is the pinnacle of the coaching profession, and he is grateful for the opportunity he has had to learn under some great coaches as both a player and coach while at Utah. 

"Coach Whittingham has been almost a father-like figure to me for the last eight years and I strive to be like him as a coach. That's my ultimate goal. If I can do that, that would be OK with me. "