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Gill credits Torbush after win, won't comment on Craig Bohl's comments

First-year Kansas head coach Turner Gill notched an upset win over Georgia Tech by a score of 28-25.

Gill said, "I would say we were playing for the whole Jayhawk nation.”

"Coach (Carl)Torbush did an excellent job, no doubt about it. Torbush and (Vic) Shealey, those two have seen this offense before. Coach Torbush coached against them when he was at Mississippi State. So I think that those things gave confidence to our players and that's the key thing; our players buying into what we're teaching them.”

"No, I didn't prove anything. It's just one ball game. We're here to be successful over a long period of time, many years. One game doesn't define our program, two games doesn't define our program. We're trying to do something over a long period of time and we're just trying to move forward."

In regards to North Dakota State head coach Craig Bohl’s comments, Gill said, "I've heard comments. I haven't read it. So I can't respond to something I really don't know the content or really what it was all about.''

Next week, Kansas travels to Southern Miss for a Friday night game on ESPN.