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Glen Mason compares the dismissals of Tressel and Woody Hayes

Former Minnesota head coach Glen Mason was an assistant coach under Woody Hayes on the day the former Ohio State head coach clubbed a Clemson player during the 1978 Gator Bowl.

The punch would cost Hayes his job, in a matter of hours.

Mason also served as an assistant coach at Ohio State with Jim Tressel from 1983-1995.

During an interview with the Big Ten Network, Mason recalled the flight from Jacksonville to Columbus on that evening in 1978 and the shocking news that followed.

Mason said, “We landed in Columbus. Literally, the TV trucks were out on the run way. Before Coach Hayes got off the plane, he addressed the team in the usual manner. He told them to drive home safe and get back to school on time and announced that he was no longer the football coach at Ohio State and would never coach again. We were shocked.”

Unfortunately, Hayes and Tressel will be linked by the unfortunate situations that led to their dismissals as the Ohio State head football coach.

Listen to Mason’s comparison of the two coaches and their dismissals: