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Glenn Spencer: "We were playing for the shutout for Bill Young"

Despite having linebackers coach Glenn Spencer calling the defense in Bill Young's absence on Saturday, and playing the fourth string guys late in the game, the goal of a shutout remained the same for the Cowboys against Savannah State.

"Even when it was the fourth-team guys there most of the second half, I said, 'It doesn't matter. We're holding you accountable, so we can get this shutout for Bill.' That's what the defense was playing for." Spencer, who is filling in for Young while he recovers from a medical procedure, explained.

In his post game press conference, Gundy noted that Young is doing well and wants to be back as soon as possible.

"Anytime you lose a coach, it can affect your team. We have some young coaches that have been with us for a number of years, and we have a lot of faith in them. They work hard and do a good job, but, you know, essentially we're down a coach and we want to get him back as soon as possible, and he wants to be back as soon as possible."

"There's some communication that has to take place there, because for however many years now, he's been calling defenses and that communication has to get out to the field. So you have a new guy calling them, and then once he's made those calls, recording what's going on on the field, there's one less guy doing that. So, there are some adjustments that have to go on."