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Golden on the importance of youth camps

Al Golden talked with reporters earlier today about the upcoming spring game on Saturday, as well as how youth and high school camps play a huge role for them in recruiting.

During his time at Temple, Golden says that 80% of their signees attended their camps, and at Miami last season 60% of their signees attended the Hurricanes' camp. Golden explains that he doesn't think you can offer someone based solely off of their camp performance but instead used the the recruits evaluation in camp in combination with checking the students transcripts and character to really get the big picture. He compares it to the evaluation process of the NFL saying, "It's like they say at the combine, it's the last piece of the puzzle". The difference for them is that it can also be the first piece that really sparks an interest and gets the ball rolling.

After talking about the importance of keeping camp costs low to make it affordable for the inner city youth and how he and his staff are sure to coach the campers up just like they coach their scholarship athletes, Golden said something that really perked our attention.

According to Golden, they had 270 campers in 2010. That number exploded to over 1600 in last years camp, in part due to a one day option that the staff provided. Regardless of how, that's an impressive attendance increase.

Golden says that he expects the spring game on Saturday to be about 100 plays long, and laughed saying he understands the television producers in attendance are going to be pushing for the 2 hour mark regardless of the number of plays run.