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Golden's message to the Hurricanes: Lay your brick

Every day the construction crew shows up at 7am in Coral Gables to work on the Schwartz Center, and Al Golden can hear them putting in work to get the new Schwartz Center done.

Seeing the building go up, literally brick by brick, Golden decided to use that as a metaphor to motivate the team, as outlined in the latest episode of "Raising Canes".

"You don't set out to make the biggest, baddest, and largest wall. You set out to lay one brick, as purposefuly as you can lay that brick every day. Soon, you have a wall." Golden told the team in his pregame message before playing Boston College.

"That's the essence of what we're trying to teach. Just lay your brick, don't worry about building a wall."

"You just focus on executing play after play, day after day, and ultimately you'll have a strong foundation that won't crack because you did it the right way and you trusted the process."

During the Boston College game, when the Hurricanes got off to a slow start down 14-0 after 16 plays, you hear players echo that same message as they look back and you can tell that Golden and his staff have done a great job of using that message to motivate players on staying focused on their job.