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Golfing with Bill O'Brien

Bill O'Brien took part in Penn State's Coaches vs. Cancer golf outing earlier this month with the cameras following him and his group for most of the course to catch all of his interactions with both the legends and fans of Penn State.

The event, which has been hosted by the basketball program since 1996, holds a special place for O'Brien because his mother is a two time breast cancer survivor.

At one point during the video as O'Brien is lining up for a putt, one of the members of his group encourages him with a "C'mon Mike, show 'em how it's done", to which O'Brien could only reply with a polite "Mike?". 

Rumor has it that one group in particular had the opportunity to golf with O'Brien, but passed on it to golf with a more seasoned veteran of the outing. However, for the record, their whole group referred to him by his correct name when asked.

Judging from the video, the outing looks like a great time was had by all on the way to raising about $2 million dollars for a great cause.