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Good first win for Muschamp

Muschamp is intense. His guys had just rolled off a 41-3 home opener against FAU.

The offense clicked all day. Charlie Weis' offense was able to throw it or run it pretty much at will.

The defense only gave up 137 total yards and only allowed 2 third down conversions.

Special teams opened the game by taking the kickoff back for a touchdown (although it was brought back due to holding) and they blocked a punt, scooped and scored.

In his post game press conference, Muschamp seemed very pleased and spoke about a number of positives; but we did find it very Muschamp-esque that he opened up with, "We didn't face as much adversity as maybe we'd have hoped for; but..." always competing.

One final note, we are told that The Swamp did not sell out this game...had sold out 137 straight. Strange