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Good stuff from Gundy

Mike Gundy sat down with The Oklahoman's Gina Mizell to get his thoughts going into his 8th season as the head coach in Stillwater, his new contract, and his energy level going into 2012.

Gundy said his energy level has been great going into this season, and he hopes it's something he can maintain until he's 50 or 55, but understands that this profession can wear you down, especially since the invention of cell phones. "Once somebody started making (cell phones), then there is no break. We all used to go home" he commented.

Gundy admits there are some nights where he has to make a choice on whether to pick up the phone late at night. "I can just not take a call after 10:30 p.m. and my phone will still ring, and it’s 2013 kids, 2014 kids. I have to make a choice when I talk on the phone." He went on to say that's something that he can't do forever, "You can stop recruiting and still keep the job if you want, but you won’t be very good.”

Coach Gundy also said that he is thankful for his new contract because he has always been leery of having to move and put his kids in a new system. At one point he asked defensive coordinator Bill Young why he moved around so much during his career and Young replied "What’s the big deal? Me and the old lady, we jump in the car and we’re out of here." 

The Cowboys kick off spring practices next Monday, March 12th and will host their spring game Saturday, April 21st.