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Gotta have that Swag

From time to time we have shown you clips from Stanford's "How we do it" series; and today we're going to encourage you to watch this entire short video. 

From the intro scenes from the stadium, to David Shaw's final message to the team before the game ("You've got one job Play Your Ass Off!"), to the insight into the gameplanning and execution to the post-game swag. Excellent video. 

We talk from time to time about the value of these kinds of videos in marketing the program to recruits, their families and to the fanbase; but seeing the end of this one made us think about the psychological warfare those smart guys at Stanford are employing here. The final clip in this video shows some Stanford Swag in Cal's house. That's big boy stuff there, the kind of stuff we're pretty sure Cal's staff will show to their team next year. If you're Stanford and you choose to include that clip, you're basically saying to Cal, "that's what we did at your house...can't wait to have you at home next year...woof!".

Gotta have that Swag!