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Grad Assistant of the Day - Ian Pace

"Ian is a tireless worker been a tremendous asset to our football team not just the offence offline. he has a tremendous work ethic and he cares about the kids and they know it." - Offensive line coach Bill Durkin

Invest a few minutes watching the video above with Ian Pace, offensive grad assistant at Bowling Green and you might just want to pick up the phone and call him right now and offer him a job. Listen to what he says, he gets it.

In recommending Pace, Bowling Green assistant athletic director for football operations Clint Dowdle told FootballScoop, “Ian is a tremendous asset to the Bowling Green Football program. He is detailed, organized, and extremely hardworking. What sets him apart, is the rapport and relationships that he has built with our players, which extends beyond the field. He is in this profession for the right reasons.” 

Watch the video, hear it for yourself. Pace is going to be one of the good guys in this profession for a long time. 

A couple of side notes to pick up on from this interview...first, take note of how he says he wound up getting recruited to play college ball (high school coaches, remind your players about this). Second, we've touched on this several times over the past few weeks on the site; but listen to Pace desribe how he got his opportunity to Bowling Green. You have to develop relationships...and be humble and willing to work your tail off.