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Grad assistants to increase from 2 to 4 in 2012

Pending approval of the NCAA Board of Directors on April 28th, coaching staffs will now be allowed to have four graduate assistant coaches instead of just two.

The new rule will go into effect starting in August of 2012.

According to the NCAA, the rationale is: Current legislation requires that in order for a graduate assistant coach to be appointed, he or she must have either received his or her first baccalaureate degree or has exhausted athletics eligibility (whichever occurs later) within the previous seven years. It is now more likely that the graduate-assistant coach position will once again allow a recent graduate to be involved in coaching activities while continuing what should be the primary pursuit of the position -- a postgraduate education. This proposal is intended to establish two additional opportunities for individuals to advance their educational and career pursuits, while also possibly providing additional minority coaching opportunities.

This rule pertains to FBS programs only.

All four grad assistant will be able to make phone call to recruits.

In talking with an NCAA representative this morning, no decision has been made on the matter regarding the total number of off-the-field personnel a program can have.

How this impacts the quality control assistants has yet to be determined. We were told advancements should be made on the subjects in or around October.

UPDATE: A FootballScoop staff meeting has been called for this evening at 6 pm at the bar to discuss how this impacts theFootballScoop Grad Assistant Flip Chart.