Grading the FootballScoop/SB Nation Coaching Draft

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In case you missed it, the FootballScoop staff combined forces with the SB Nation staff Wednesday to hold the world's first-ever Coaching Draft. We got to put, for instance, Les Miles and Art Briles on the same coaching staff. It was a great deal of fun. 

As a refresher, we picked a 12-man coaching staff (head coach, nine assistants, one strength and one recruiting director... at least that was the idea) chosen among the current roster of 128 FBS head coaches, and two lower-level head coaches as graduate assistants. 

We posted the teams yesterday, but today SB Nation's very own versions of Mel Kiper, Jr., and Todd McShay, except 100 times better - Spencer Hall and Celebrity Hot Tub (seriously, that's what they call him even internally) - handed out their grades. 

Prepare your eyes for the best thing they'll read all day.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 2.47.15 PM

Head over to SB Nation for the full breakdown.