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UPDATED: Grambling's new head coach will walk into a nasty situation

Grambling's next head coach (whoever that may be) will have a laundry list of problems on his hands, and the team's 17-game losing streak may be the least of them.

Let's start with this: the entire roster boycotted practice on Wednesday.

The discord came to a head beginning on Tuesday, when the team walked out of a meeting with the school president, athletics director and student government president. Before the group-wide walkout, players expressed displeasure at the September 11 firing of head coach Doug Williams, the program's dilapidated facilities and using busses instead of flights for road trips to Kansas City and Indianapolis. 

“Things are rough, and we understand our players’ frustration,” Grambling spokesman Will Sutton told the News Star. “The president is frustrated, the A.D. is frustrated, the students are frustrated, the alumni are frustrated, so we fully understand our players’ frustration.”

That frustration led to a situation Wednesday when interim head coach George Ragsdale showed up for practice, and none of the players did.

Ragsdale thinks the source of team's discord comes from Williams' firing after the second game of the season.

“My guys were happy for me, but they were sad for (Williams). It was a mixed emotion,” Ragsdale said during his weekly press conference. “Hey man, it’s tough. It’s almost like a divorce — I’ll put it like that. If you’re a child in a family and there is a divorce, you’re confused because I don’t know if I want to be with momma or be with daddy. It takes that child some time to really settle in.”

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Update: Interim head coach George Ragsdale has been fired according to Matt Vines of the Shreveport Times. Vines also reported that players would again boycott Thursday's practice. The 0-7 Tigers are scheduled to visit Jackson State on Saturday. Defensive coordinator Dennis Winston will be the new interim head coach.