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Grambling State staff visits with LSU

Grambling State head coach Doug Williams and several assistants traveled to Baton Rouge to visit with Les and the LSU staff recently and came away with some valuable stuff.

A few years ago when they met at a camp, Les told Williams, "You let me know. Any time you can come, you can come." Williams said that when he picked up the phone to ask Les about bringing his staff in for a visit, Les more than happy to have them. "When I called about the possibility of doing some sort of spring training, he didn't hesitate" Williams said. 

The visit to Baton Rouge was much different than some visits Williams has taken in the past because they got the opportunity to sit in on their meeting and the staff actually asked what they wanted to know, and also went over some individual drill work as well.. At some places Williams said that they would "sit you in a room and give you film and you get what you want from it". LSU was much more personal in their approach.

With 8 year staff veteran Andre Robinson taking over the defensive coordinator duties this season, Williams said taking the time to visit LSU was a no-brainer.

"For us, it's a pleasure to be able to go down to LSU and sit in. The difference with LSU, Tech, Grambling and ULM is we're not Division I. We're Division I-AA, so I don't play against LSU, and I'm not trying to be on the same level. I am trying to learn what they do, and there's no animosity there. I'm glad for the opportunity to come in and have them welcome us with open arms." Williams explained.

We have a feeling Williams left Baton Rouge feeling pretty good about the fall. As they were leaving, Les told him that he thought he had done a great job putting together a good staff that "worked hard and understood". Compliments from Les don't get much better than that.