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Great fake punt by the St. Louis Rams

Most of the attention from Sunday's St. Louis Rams - San Francisco 49ers game will be focused on how it became the first NFL game since 2008 to end in a tie.

But what we liked most about the game was the pair of fake punts employed by the Rams. 

The first play appears to just be a sight read by punter John Hekker, who fired a pass to gunner Rodney McLeod when the 49ers applied a late rush. It was well executed, and we applaud the Rams to sticking to their reads even when punting out of their own end zone.

The next fake punt was clearly called ahead of time when Hekker faked a handoff to Danny Amendola, drawing all of San Francisco's attention to its left, and then had a run / pass option to the left and would up hitting a wide open tight end Lance Kendricks for the first down.

Have you seen a better fake punt or field goal this season? If so, send it our way and we'll compare.