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Greg Byrne: 'Rich Rod starting laying the foundation here in his first team meeting'

According to athletic director Greg Byrne, the moment that Rich Rodriguez arrived on the Arizona campus as the program's head coach, he was building a foundation. There was no acclimation period or feeling things out, Rodriguez jumped in with both feet starting with his first team meeting.

"From the second that coach Rodriguez had gotten here, he's been laying the foundation for long term success." Byrne told Sirius XM Sports Nation.

"I remember sitting in the first team meeting and he went in there, and his very first message to the team was, 'You are MY guys'. You know, sometimes the new coach comes in and the guys who are already on the team, they sometimes wonder if the new coach is just waiting to bring in his own players, and he set that tone right off the bat."

That attitude and mindset allowed them to win 8 games in his first season (and 7 so far this season), and notch a signature win like Saturday's beatdown of Oregon in just his second season.

With it being the time of year that coaches are accepting jobs all over the country, this is an important reminder of how vital it is to set the tone right away in a new environment. 

Rodriguez and his Wildcats will face in state rival Arizona State on Saturday (9:30pm EST).