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Greg Davis and Ellis Johnson disappointed

Texas OC Greg Davis disappointed in his own performance: "I'm disappointed in the job I've done. My job is to do one thing and that's score points. The No. 1 factor in winning and losing is scoring offense and we're not scoring points."

Ellis Johnson talks about South Carolina defense: "I expected to see our players play better. We're just not performing well. The statistics and the score aside, there are still assignment problems, there are opportunities out there. It's just disappointing and concerning. But I thought our performance was very poor. We wouldn't have beaten an average football team (Saturday). But we didn't play an average team. We played a really good offensive team. They showed it."

"The reason they were successful with the run is because it got to the point where we couldn't score and couldn't stop them on third down. Why would they want to keep throwing the football? They started running the ball and we didn't fit the run well at times. We didn't do a good job against it, obviously. A lot of their rushing yards were piled up there at the end. They had two big runs in their short yardage formation where they overload one side. Some of our problems were technical, some of them were physical. Arkansas knocked us off the ball. But I think their running game was a minor story in this one."

Larry Porter says Memphis fans deserve better: “I'll be the first to say the fans deserve more. They should keep demanding more. But we need them now more than ever."

Paul Rhoads talks about faked kick: “The fake field goal was actually called on that kick we made at the end of the half. But they were in a fake alignment, a safe alignment and that’s why I called the timeout to get us out of it and kicked the field goal.”

Charlie Strong glad to have Louisville fans behind the team: “Somebody said they announced the score at Church Hill and the place just erupted. You could just tell people are feeling it now.” 

“We haven’t won back-to-back Big East games since ’06. Let’s go play these next three and see where we end up.” 

Dooley describes QB Tyler Bray: “I still don’t know if he knows what coverage the other team is playing. It drives Coach Hinshaw crazy.”

“It’s not just knowing where to go with the ball against a coverage. It’s where do you place the ball to give them (wide receivers) a chance.” 

“We out personnelled them (Memphis) too, so I’m a little cautious to think we’re going to sling it around like that again.”