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Greg Mattison: I know in my heart what's about to happen here

Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison started his press conference on Tuesday by saying, “We have got miles and miles to go.”

From there however, everything was very positive, including a closing remark from his heart.

Mattison closed by saying, “I know in my heart what’s about to happen here. We going to have a Michigan football program that Bo, Coach Moeller, and Coach Carr are going to be proud of again. And a program that has been built for many many years of doing it the way we are trying to do it. I just believe in my heart that it’s going to happen. When it happens, we’ll find that out. There are a lot guys…players, coaches, and administrators that are all working really hard to get that done. Whenever you have that many people working together with a great product, it’s gotta be something that’s about to happen.”

Somewhere in between, Mattison talked about the immediate and long-term goals for the Michigan defense.

In the short-term, Mattison said, “That is our biggest goal and our biggest purpose right now…to not give up the really big plays. They’re going to rush for some yardage. Every team we play against is going to get a run for over 4, 5, or 6 yards. We know that, but we can’t give up the 25, 30, and homeruns.”

Down the road, “I know what I want to be. I want to be a team that nobody can run the ball on.”