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Greg Robinson wouldn't change anything about his time at Michigan

With over a decade of NFL experience as a defensive assistant and coordinator, and a disappointing two seasons as the defensive coordinator at Michigan during the Rich Rodriguez era, Greg Robinson can reflect back on his experience in Ann Arbor (2009 and 2010) with no regrets.

Asked if he would go back and do anything differently, Robinson told that he doesn't think in those terms.

"You just can’t live like that. That obviously was a disappointing time for me, nothing really went right. But would I do something different? No. I have a great love for Michigan, and I hope nothing but the best for them. They’re doing terrific things right now. I wish things would have turned out differently when I was there, but hindsight is always 20/20."

According to the article, Robinson is now traveling 80 miles round trip and volunteering at a Los Angeles area high school, working under a former teammate and loving every minute of it. He is also doing some radio appearances, including the Senior Bowl this week for Sirius XM.

Robinson says that Michigan will always hold a special place in his mind, and that running the 3-3-5 in 2010 with no prior experience in the scheme was a difficult situation but he can honestly look back with no regrets.

It's refreshing to see a coach with so much experience (14 years as an NFL assistant, four seasons as the head coach at Syracuse, and plenty of college experience as an assistant) being able to reflect on a rough patch in their career with a positive outlook. Robinson is currently hoping to end up back in the league as a defensive assistant.