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Greg Schiano's candid comments

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano had some interesting comments this morning when speaking with Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami.

Schiano hyped his strength center and strength coach, explained his philosophy to recruit the Florida high schools, and talked about his quarterback Tom Savage.

Schiano said, “We have, I think, what is the best weight room in America and the best strength coach in America. We want to be able to, when we do it, which is very rare, but train the whole team at once. It’s more of a team building thing. It really is a special thing for us. That’s really who we are. That kind of stuff we can’t put enough in to. When we first got here, there were 3 players from Rutgers active in the NFL. Now, there are 31.”

“The only change in our philosophy is that we have expanded in Florida. At one point, we were only Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County. Now, we’ve spread out and gone up to Tampa, cut across to Jacksonville. We have kids from all over the state, now. I just love the passion these kids bring to our program. They love football. They’ve been raised on it. 20 spring practices every spring. I try to explain it to people. Those kids are special.”

(On the rule that prohibits head coaches from traveling during spring recruiting) “That rule bugs me a lot. I love being able to see kids practice. Just getting to know their work habits and seeing their environment. I don’t think that rule will ever change.”

“We are always going to be balanced, but I think what happens when you have a guy like Tom Savage, who has a great arm and can make all the throws, and more than that he has all the intangibles that a great quarterback needs, I think we’ll try to work the play-action game more on early downs. Give him the chance to use his skills.”

(on agents, runners, financial advisors) “You hope that your assistant coaches have such great relationships, and your trainers, strength coaches…that were involved in their lives and we know where there might be a hot spot, where there might be an area of vulnerability. At the end of the day, they are like your own kids. You invest everything you can in them, and then you gotta trust that they will make the right decision.”

Rutgers opens with Norfolk State on Thursday, September 2nd.