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Gruden still working at 3:30 am: It's a grind, man

In case you missed Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp last night with Jake Locker and Andy Dalton, you missed some great entertainment.

Parts of Gruden's feature with Andy Dalton were priceless.

Today, the former Super Bowl winning head coach talked about his experience with the show.

“It’s been a blast.”

“I get more people talking about this than anything I did as a human. They love these shows. They wish there were more of them. They wish I’d yell at ‘em. But there’s a lot of rules and regulations when you’re on TV (pause), I guess.”

“The video is the big project. It’s relentless, never ending.”

“It’s tedious. You get in here at 3:30 in the morning and get done at noon…and try to have somewhat of a life. I feel like a bat. What are those things that live in dark places? I don’t know. It’s a grind, man.”