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Gundy explains big win at Texas and celebrates with team

Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State are now 9-1 with remaining games at Kansas and against Oklahoma.

After defeating Texas 33-16 in Austin, Gundy said, “Honestly, it means nothing to me from a personal stand point because I’m thrilled for the players and the commitment they have made this year. Coaches, this is our job and this is what we do. So we understand. I wanted it for the team for the commitment they’ve made since January. The hard work and the effort they’ve put it…It’s really good for everyone in the organization to be able to come down here, obviously Texas isn’t playing as good as they want to this year, but they don’t just give them away down here. You’re still coming down here in front of 97,000 people and have to earn it.” 

“He (Blackmon) was in about 55 plays and I’m going to get he was bracketed on 45 plays, and he still comes up with 9 catches. Pretty amazing for a guy that gets bracketed like he does.” 

“You don’t come in here and average 5 yards a carry, so I think it was one of his (Kendall Hunter) better games.”

“Special teams…Joe DeForrest did a great job. He had an unbelievable game plan.”

Following the game, Gundy told his team:

“That’s another complete game in all 3 phases. You practiced well. You played physical football. I’m telling you right now, your special teams coach, offensive coaches, defensive coaches did a great job.” 

“It’s so enjoyable for me to sit back and watch you guys buy in. You only need to worry about tomorrow’s practice. That’s what you’ve done all year.” 

You can see Gundy's pre-game and post-game speeches right here: