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Gundy explains why Tuesday practices are vital to success on Saturday

Mike Gundy shared an interesting statistical nugget during his press conference earlier today.

Coming off a tough 48-51 overtime loss to Oklahoma on Saturday, the first thing that Gundy addressed in their staff meeting was making sure that they got over the loss as a staff, and then made sure that the team did the same. They needed to focus on having a great Tuesday practice heading into their game against Baylor, not the loss to their rival, if they were going to have any chance to come out Floyd Casey Stadium with a win.

Gundy then explained why Tuesday practices in particular are so important to a team's performance on Saturdays.

"If we don't practice well tomorrow (Tuesday), it takes about 30% of our chance away from winning on Saturday. There really just isn't any other option." 

Coach Gundy has been doing this for a while now, and there's no doubt he has practices down to an art, but it would be interesting to see some stats to back that one up.

Regardless, no coach in the country can afford giving up a 30% chance of victory. So if you're still playing on Saturdays, make sure your Tuesday practice is great!