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Gundy on Texas' winning touchdown: "I think he fumbled"

After reviewing the game film on Sunday morning after the Cowboys 36-41 loss to Texas on Saturday night, Mike Gundy had one thing to say about the Longhorns controversial 2 yard touchdown run with 29 seconds left.

"I think he fumbled." Gundy explained.

Immediately following the play, Gundy did not seek out an explanation from the officials, but noted that he does expect to be contacted to discuss the play. 

"We don't really get that answer on the field. We only get the answer that they are reviewing a fumble and then the only thing that I can say is the determination must have been that he didn't fumble or that he had already crossed the goal line before he fumbled. But I never got that answer."

Take a quick look at the play in the clip below. You can see a helmet knock the ball loose and an Oklahoma State player ends up with the ball in his lap. 

"We coach our players to fight until the very end, the half-yard line, 2-yard line, 4-yard line," Gundy said. "Alex Elkins did a great job of putting his helmet on the football, and that's what he's coached to do. I'm disappointed from that standpoint but there's just nothing you can do. You've just got to move forward."

Gundy noted that he's proud of the way that the players have reacted to the adversity.

"In that area, they are fairly well trained. They know that they can't change calls. I haven't heard one comment from them. It hasn't been discussed with anybody on our coaching staff."

The Cowboys have a bye week this weekend, followed by a trip to Kansas to take on the Jayhawks next weekend.