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Gundy: 'Our offense kind of runs itself'

First it was Larry Fedora, then a few years later Mike Gundy lost Dana Holgorsen as his offensive signal caller. Without missing a beat, Todd Monken came in and shortly thereafter, set the previous record books on fire to make some room for some new ones.

There's no question that system that Gundy and his staff have in place is second to none in terms of production and efficiency. To be able to keep that same offensive production from coordinator to coordinator, with each guy putting his own stamp on things and leaving his own legacy is impressive.

With Monken recently departed to Southern Miss, many are wondering who will call the Cowboy's bowl game against Purdue on New Years Day.

Earlier in the week, Gundy explained that he hadn't decided who will coach the quarterbacks and call games in the bowl (although he added that he is leading the quarterback meetings), but suggested that it could be a group effort by the offensive staff. He went on to explain that there doesn't necessarily have to be one guy leading the charge and calling the plays.

"You can do it two different ways. You can do it run-pass and you can do it (based) on downs and you can have a group and do it in between series. There are just different ways to do it." he told the Tulsa World.

"There are guys in the room that can do it, I don't necessarily need to do it myself. Over the next two weeks, we will come up with a game plan and work on it in practice and then, at the bowl site, we will make a decision how we will call it on game day."

Gundy added that their script based offense "kind of runs itself" to a certain extent.

"There is a set system and we give a play to a quarterback and he checks the play to what the defense does and that's it. That really doesn't change very much, so it's really pretty easy to run. It's different than what it was (under Fedora). ... Now, you just kind of call the plays you run and the quarterback gets you in the right play."

While Gundy said that he'll look to hire an offensive coordinator after the bowl game, it's clear that they've got their system in place and things under control for bowl preparations.