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Gundy pumped. 91st ranked WR prospect now closing in on Biletnikoff. listed Justin Blackmon as the 91st best wide receiver coming out of Ardmore, Oklahoma. ranked him 58th nationally. Blackmon, who is only a sophomore, is now averaging 9.3 catches and 158 yards per game. He has 16 touchdowns on the season for the 9-1 Cowboys.

Mike Gundy said, "I don’t think anybody would have projected him to have this kind of a year. We’ve been very lucky with him. He’s been very consistent in making plays each week. He’s getting a lot of bracket and double coverage and still making plays, but that’s based on the ability with Kendall to run the football and some of these other guys that can make plays. But I don’t know that anybody could have predicted that he would emerge and have the kind of year he’s having.”

“He’s obviously got some ability and he still continues to get better, but he has areas for improvement. It’s interesting that even as great a year as he’s having there’s areas that he can improve himself over the next year and obviously have a chance to come out early after his junior year."

Not only is Gundy pumped about Blackmon, but he also credits part of the Cowboys’ success to defensive coordinator Bill Young.

Gundy said, "The maturity that he brings to the table allowed me to just let him control the defense. When I hired him I was still calling defensive plays, so I needed somebody that could really be the head coach of the defense. He was able to do that."

Oklahoma State travels to Kansas this weekend, before hosting the Sooners.

The Biletnikoff Award semifinalists were announced today: Randall, Julio, AJ, and Alshon from the SEC. Blackmon, Broyles, and Fuller from the Big Twelve. Salas from Hawaii and a guy from SMU and a guy from Western Michigan.

No offense to the wide outs from SMU or WMU, but does anyone see either of these guys winning this award?