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Gundy wants to make sure his assistant gets a head coaching job

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen has the Cowboys ranked 3rd nationally in total offense (549 ypg) and scoring offense (46.3 ppg).

Holgorsen, however, says the Cowboys shouldn’t feel like they’ve got things figured out. 

The Mike Leach disciple said yesterday, “No, they found out in the third quarter when we were up 35 points and we fumbled and then we 3 & outted and I was extremely pist. So they kind of knew what to expect from me. When it doesn’t look good, I tell them it doesn’t look good. They shouldn’t ever feel like they’ve got things figured out, that’s for sure. When you do, that’s when you get beat.” 

“I thought Coach Gundy did a great job yesterday. It’s the same people that said we were going to win 5 (games) that are telling us that we’re good now. The one thing we’ve done a good job this year of is worrying about ourselves.” 

(about rankings) “It’s good exposure for the program. You can talk about how rankings don’t matter, but the truth of the matter is they do. It’s good notoriety for the program. It’s good for recruiting, good for fanbase, and all the rest.”

The 8-1 Cowboys travel to Texas this weekend to play the 4-5 Longhorns. 

Mike Gundy says retaining Holgorsen is a top priority in the off-season. "I want to make sure that he is taken care of. And then ...we're going to do everything we can to help him when he wants to become a head coach. There's no question in my mind that he can leave here and be a head coach.”

Gundy added, "I don't know how many jobs would open this year, but if we do well on offense next year ...(head-coaching offers) would probably start for him next year."