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Gutsiest call of weekend goes to Nick Saban

The gutsiest call of the day in college football was made by none other than Nick Saban. 

Leading 24-20 with 54 seconds remaining in the game on their own 44-yard line, Alabama faced a 4th and inches. Arkansas did not have any timeouts remaining.

Punt it or run it?

Alabama first attempted to run a freeze play, but wasn’t able to get Arkansas to jump off-sides. That’s when Saban gathered his offense and offensive guard Barrett Jones told Saban, "Coach. Just trust us. We can get this one yard." 

Saban said, "OK. Let's do it." 

Following the game, Saban explained, “There are a lot of bad things that can happen when you punt it. You can fumble the snap. They can block it. You have to get into ‘tight punt’ so you don’t have very good coverage. … So, the players said that we can make it, and we did. And those are all good calls when they work, and they’re horrible calls when they don’t.” 

Greg McElroy executed a quarterback sneak and the Crimson Tide ran out the clock.

Gutsy call by Saban, a coach that knows his team.