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Guys sleeping in tents

The Cameron Crazies do it when UNC comes to town. iPhone fanatics are known to do it on launch day. We're sure there are better examples; but that's what we've got this morning.

People sleep in tents when they are passionate about the experience and can't wait to be the first to experience the feeling.

Well, for football coaches; about the closest opportunity we have for this feeling is coming next week...the Angelo Football Clinic.

The preseason magazines have all rated this the best speaker lineup of this Summer and where else do you get the opportunity to spend a few hours one on one with this caliber of speaker after they finish speaking to the group as a whole? Great format, something everyone should experience.

Update>>>> The leadership of the clinic has called to inform us that there actually are a few number of hotel rooms still available so no need for the camping equipment this time...unless you really just want to. If you do decide to camp out, remember to pack heavy on the Keystone Lights. You never know who might join you to talk ball.