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#HailState in the endzones?


This one comes from the, category. 

Mississippi State hosts the Egg Bowl Saturday night at 7 on ESPNU. Dan Mullen has won the last two meetings in this sometimes bitter rivalry. And yes, this will be Houston Nutt's final game on the sidelines for Ole Miss. But this story is about something entirely different...

Mullen and Athletic Director Scott Stricklin are a fairly media savvy group (yes, a few years back if one had said that people from Starkvegas were media savvy you would have been laughed off the Internet). They use Twitter well, and apparently want to get more of the Bulldog Nation using Twitter.

OK, here comes....checkout the pic below. Yes, they have painted #HailState in the endzone. For those of you not familiar, that's the twitter hashtag that alerts people to the fact that you love Starkvegas and cowbells. Very interesting marketing ploy.

One last thought, we're pretty sure that 99% of the people in this great country believe that Mississippi State will win this one (Ole Miss is really struggling); but if by some chance the Rebels were to pull this one out...oh dear goodness...