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Harbaugh resting team, London continues to build team

Jim Harbaugh says USC game was a 3 ½ hour arm wrestling match: "We knew this game was going to be a three and a half-hour arm wrestling match. We thought we would be the game-winners if we didn't quit. We had to overcome big hurdles and obstacles. To a man, everyone on our team overcame those obstacles. They found a way to get it done. It was a character win."

"I'm giving my team more days off than I've ever given a team. Our team needs to get some rest."

With 2-3 record, UVA head coach Mike London staying positive & building team: "Yeah, it's a challenge. We're disappointed. You're discouraged, but you can't let those feelings last very long, because you start to develop that defeatist type attitude and mentality. There's plenty of that went around last year."

“You're not looking at anybody that's feeling sorry for themselves or down or anything like that. We're a work in progress and we said that at the beginning when we first started. Trying to build what these guys think about themselves.”

"Our players are together. We're all on the same page. Coaches are with each other, the attitude and atmosphere around the McCue Center is high. And that's the way it should be, because of the way things are changing.”

Doc Holliday compliments George O’Leary for always protecting the ball: “That’s George O’Leary. Whether it’s Syracuse or Georgia Tech or UCF, wherever he’s been they don’t do that. They had a couple of unusual turnovers last night, a couple turnovers in the red zone that they normally don’t have.”

Mike Riley talks about Oregon State kicking woes: "(Special teams coordinator) Bruce Read had a long talk with him. Its one of those deals he'll have to fight out of a slump. He's not hitting the ball well. It was obvious with the PATs and obvious on the kickoffs. He has to get back and technically get comfortable again."

Larry Porter says Memphis still searching for identity: "I think we're still searching for our identity. If you look at all the inconsistencies of our lineup, all our youth, the newness ... at times it's been difficult to do certain things based on not wanting to put certain people in positions they haven't been in."

Neil Callaway says UAB desperately seeking a win: "I didn't mean that to sound like the world is going to come to an end. I didn't mean it like that. But for us to have the kind of season we want to try to end up with at this point, we need to win a football game."

Quoting Bo Pelini: "If we win a lot of games, good things will happen for us. I have confidence in that. I don't think about it any other way, to be honest with you. If you start thinking about any of that stuff, you're going to get humbled really quick. My only concern is Texas and what we have to do today to win the next football game."

Greg McMackin proud of his Hawaii team: "I think it's great for the confidence of our team. That was a good football team. It was a packed house and everybody knows how hard it is to win at Fresno.”