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Harbaugh tries to win an Oscar

It was 4th and 2 for San Fransisco on Saturday against the Seahawks, and Jim Harbaugh could be seen on the sidelines screaming and pointing at the offensive line during a time out.

"It was a little bit of gamesmanship," Harbaugh said. "I was trying to direct it to the offensive line, saying that we were going to run the ball, so let's come off the ball, in case they were looking. We had a play-action pass called." The pass went for a 16 yard gain to Vernon Davis.

That approach is just one of the many tricks that Harbaugh has used throughout the season. Quarterback Alex Smith says that "Nothing surprises any of us anymore with him, he's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve."

San Fransisco moved to 12 -3 on the year with the win and is battling for a #2 seed in the playoffs.