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Harbaugh: We kicked their ass every which way! Sark responds

Jim Harbaugh is one of a kind: “Dominating! We kicked their ass every which way! One hell of a job on both sides of the line! Dominant, dominant!”

(referencing Stanford’s record against Pete, Lane, Sark, and Nick Holt: "What are you guys, 5-1, 6-1 against that group (in his four-year tenure)? That's the highest-paid coaching staff around!"

Sarkisian’s response: “I guess when you win 41-0 you get to say what you want to say.”

Game Changing Coaches: - Week 9 (See more good stuff from Harbaugh and Sark)

Mike Stoops gets a shot at Harbaugh and Stanford this Saturday: "Jim is Jim. I know he's got a great wife and a great quarterback."

"They move their personnel around. They want to talk about being physical, but it's a game of manipulation when you play Stanford. They create so many formations. It's a very pro-oriented situation when you watch Jim's teams play, but it's more about manipulations than it is anything else."

(pleased with offensive progression in win over UCLA) "I thought we played with a lot of balance as a team. Offensively, that was our biggest production of the year. It was good to see that type of balance, I think our run game has really come on the last couple weeks, and I think that will bode well for us down the stretch."

"Overall, really pleased with the win (but I'm) disappointed we didn't score more points. Red zone efficiency wasn't great. Going on the road and getting three points in a lot of those situations against a really good team will hurt you. We just have to convert more. The points didn't equate to the way we moved the football."