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Hard to coach 2 teams at once

Tim DeRuyter has literally been working around the clock since being named the head coach at Fresno State, on top of his interim duties at A&M.

DeRuyter says that he often puts in 19 hour days to make sure he gets time for bowl prep, recruiting, and also has time to reach out and assemble his Fresno State staff.

"It's really different, I'm not sure I was really smart about what I wanted to bite off here. I'm attacking both of them. I'm trying to do right by our players here, which is the most important thing. I made a commitment to stay here and do that, but at the same time at night I'm trying to put a staff together and do some recruiting. It makes for a full day" he said.

DeRuyter will finish up his duties as the interim coach at A&M on December 31st as the Aggies take on Northwestern in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.