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Reminder from FootballScoop: Have a plan

Coaches spend countless hours ensuring they are prepared for anything the opposing team could try to do against them. Coaches are leaders and the best leaders develop great plans. 

Well, consider this just a friendly reminder of one more thing you should ensure you have a plan for.

Following a high school game this weekend in Alabama, opposing coaches got into a fight on the field surrounded by players. Video and pictures show that at least one of the coaches took some awfully tough shots to the face. Probably not less than 30 seconds into it, police were there to break it up. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this was 30 seconds too late. 

Football can be a violent and highly emotional game; but a fight between coaches on the field is simply unacceptable and reflects very poorly on the coaches as well as on their programs and schools. 

The question for all of you is, do you have plan (that you have discussed with your police/security detail) for what to do in such a circumstance? Have you discussed this with your team? What would you do if some lunatic ran on the field with a weapon? Have a plan. There is a reason nearly every game has police or security personnel on the field. Allow them to do their job and communicate with them that they should step in as soon as possible to defuse any such situation.