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Head coach sends strong & clear point to the media

Like most college football head coaches, Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim wants the media to keep things in perspective.

Following a win over West Virginia on Monday night that snapped a two-game losing streak, Boeheim ripped the media. Syracuse is 21-6 and 8-6 in the Big East, but the Orange haven't lived up to the preseason media hype. Boeheim didn’t lose his cool too badly, but made a very clear point to the media during his presser.

Some coaches try to ignore the media. Some coaches say they don't read the papers. Boeheim admits he reads and listens to the media, and he takes things personal. In fact, he takes things very personal.

Boeheim explained, “I will say that Larry Bird was a pretty great player. One season he averaged 30 points and 15 rebounds a game. But he had like 10 bad games and had like 8 points and shot something like 20% in those games. My point is that you can’t judge people, players, coaches on a little segment like this. If you start judging people on a little segment, then I think you are on very poor journalistic grounds because I think there are some coaches out there that will be in the Hall of Fame that I will beat 80% of the time.”

“I coached against Rick Pitino when he was at Providence five times and once when he was at Kentucky and we were 6-0 against him. One of his teams went to the Final 4 and we beat them 3 times. So now, we’re (media) all of a sudden going to put in the paper that I lost 6 straight to Rick Pitino. Why don’t we put that we beat him 6 straight? Go ahead. That’s really good. Why don’t you keep doing that? When people write and say things about me, it’s always personal. It always will be.”

Asked by the media if he’s been treated unfairly, Boeheim said, “I don’t think it’s ever fair to take a snap shot. I don’t think that’s how you judge people, coaches, or players. But that’s how it’s done around here.”

“Geez, I’m ten months older than when I won Coach of the Year in the country. I must have really got him by something in the last 10 months, huh?”

Towards the end, Boeheim turned to asking a few questions.

Boeheim: “Let me ask you something. Is John Beilein (Michigan head coach and former West Virginia head coach) a pretty good coach?”

Reporter: “I don’t know.”

Boeheim: “John (another reporter), do you know?”

Reporter: “I don’t think.”

Boeheim: “You don’t think (as in disbelief sarcastically). You’re right.”