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Hell Week at Miss State

Matt Balis met with members of the media recently to talk about off season training and their version of the Navy Seals Hell Week.

Balis said that Hell Week isn't something that they implement in their first week, because there is no way that the athletes bodies would be prepared. Their version took place in week 3, after two weeks of off season conditioning.

One reporter even asked Balis to estimate how many gallons of vomit accumulated during Hell Week...Balis responded by saying that it was more about the mental challenges throughout the week than it was the physical aspect. Numerous team building activities, competitive cardio routines, and early morning wake ups (on top of their regular daily schedules) made the mental preparation just as important to the strength staff.

Balis says that they assign a strength coach to the early enrollees to help them get them get acclimated to their techniques and expectations early on in the process.