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Herb Hand gives the most entertaining interview of the year via Reddit

Penn State offensive line coach Herb Hand is a man of many talents. He's regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches in the country, has arguably the most entertaining Twitter account of any assistant coach in America, and can cook AND dance with the best of them.

Hand has fully embraced social media, and took to Reddit (a popular social media / user driven news site) to answer some questions and connect with fans over the weeknd. What resulted was anything but an interview you're used to seeing, but that's what happens when you open a door like this. Everything from dating advice, to serious offensive line advice, to ridiculous "would you rather" questions were covered.

I went through and picked out some of the more interesting question and answer combos below for your viewing pleasure. The last one is a doozy.

Q: If you had one shot to impress a recruit with a meal, what would you cook?

HH: I've cooked a meal for a recruit before it was - Bacon, Bleu Cheese and Grape flat bread drizzled with honey - Wedge Salad (simple but delicious) - Crab stuffed filet mignon seared in bacon fat - grilled squash medley - sautéed asparagus - parmesan pasta - pecan crusted vanilla ice cream ball over a fudge brownie with salted caramel sauce for desert - CLOSED THE DEAL.

Q: Coach! You often tweet about your smokin' hot wife so I was wondering.. Do you have any tips for younger guys out there trying to find a quality woman like THE Deb Hand? Thanks! We are!

HH: Be a good dude. Don't be a jackass...I have been both and being a good guy works better.

Q: Why do you think there aren't more coaches who have such a great Twitter presence like you do? What advantages do you think it gives you as a coach or recruiter? How do your players feel about your involvement on the site?

HH: I think more guys are embracing social media in general because they recognize the power it has and that if they don't they are putting themselves at a competitive to your last question, they bust my chops about it a little but I think they enjoy my Twitter OG-ness...especially when I drop a vine of them destroying their opponent.

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Clowneys or 1 Clowney sized Duck?

HH: I would take the Clowney sized duck and employ the indefensible fight move as demonstrated at the :23 second mark of this video.

Q: Hey Coach, what is one thing that you can offer/pitch a potential recruit about Penn State that no other school can?

HH: (Video below)

See the full Reddit interview thread here.