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Here's Frank Solich riding a tricycle

The title of this article really says it all, but we'll add some background info so you can know exactly what (and most importantly, why) you're watching.

On Saturday, OhioHealth Heart and Vascular Care held a fundraiser on Saturday at O'Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio, which featured local celebrities racing tricycles against each other. Ohio head coach Frank Solich races in the second heat. For reasons we can't understand, Solich (in white) spots his two competitors a five-yard head start. As a former athlete, race organizers must have anticipated Solich would have a natural advantage over his competitors. That advantage never materialized, though, as Solich fell off his tricycle soon after the first turn. 

Racers were supposed to pedal through a loop before heading to the finish line. Not Solich. He skipped the loop completely to secure a comfortable second place finish.