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Here's James Franklin doing a 50-foot cliff jump

This offseason we've seen Ron English go skydiving, Les Miles rappel down the side of a building, P.J. Fleck jump into a pool of freezing water, and Frank Solich compete in a tricycle race. The point is, coaches will do just about anything if they think the end result will help their football program. 

Now it's James Franklin's turn. Vanderbilt's annual preseason staff retreat is in Chattanooga, and Franklin led a brigade to Chickamauga Lake. The staff came across a 50 feet cliff and, naturally, Franklin had to jump off of it. It's all in the name of team building, of course.

With wide receivers coach Josh Gattis providing play-by-play, here's Franklin taking a five-story plunge. Anchor Down, indeed. 

(H/T @ClayTravisBGID)