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Herman: The pressure we feel as coaches is all internal

Tom Herman is entering the first season as the offensive coordinator for the Buckeyes, but says that he feels the same amount of pressure now as they head into week one as he did as a young assistant coach at the D-III level.

"I don’t feel any more pressure than I did when I was a wide receivers coach at 23 years old at Texas Lutheran University, a Division III school, making $5,000 a year.”

The pressure you feel as coaches is all internal. You want your guys to go out and play their best no matter what logo is on the helmet or on the jersey or what name is on the jersey." he explained

"I think the most pressure we feel as coaches comes from inside, and the ones who let the internal pressures get to them are probably staying up real late at night, and the ones who can handle their own internal pressure and make sure the product on the field is as good as it can possibly be every Saturday, then can rest easy at night.”

Herman admits to feeling pressure, but that type of pressure comes from expecting the best product from himself. 

“I had a lot of internal pressure,” Herman said in reflection. “I still do to this day. Whether it’s a group of Division III wide receivers taking the field or an entire offense for the Ohio State University, you feel like your name is on that. Whatever the case may be, you want that product to be good.”