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Emotional pre game speech following Hurricane Sandy

After enduring one of the worst storms in recent U.S. memory, many teams out in New York had to prepare for a first round playoff game.

Two teams that the storm hit particularly hard, Queens Beach Channel HS (NY) and Port Richmond HS of Staten Island (NY), got paired up in the first round of the state playoffs, and had to overcome some incredibly difficult circumstances just to make it to game day.

According to Cameron Smith of Yahoo!Sports, the first day following Hurricane Sandy, only 15% of Beach Channel's students showed up to school, which was held in makeshift emergency location. All of the football team's equipment had been washed away in the storm and their football field had been transformed into an emergency landing area for helicopters carrying medical and disaster releif supplies.

And these guys still found a way to prepare for a playoff game. 

Despite those obstacles, the staff and players at Beach Channel came together for the big playoff game and as the video shows, head coach Victor Nazario had a difficult time keeping his emotions in check as he addressed his team before kickoff.

Many of us across the country get so caught up in our own programs, and trying to win games and change lives, that it's easy to lose sight of what others are going through, particularly out on the east coast. After our games the past few weeks, we're fortunate enough to board the bus and head to the comfort of our own homes and resume our everyday lives, while thousands and thousands of coaches and players out on the east coast went home to help repair their communities and homes following their games over the past several weeks. 

This pre game video captures coach Nazario's pre game speech before the playoff game. Listen to his message and the emotion in his voice, and how he uses adversity and the game of football to help provide a platform for life lessons. Good stuff.

Coach Nazario and his team ended up falling that afternoon, 38-6 to Port Richmond.

Coach Nazario's pep talk [contains profanity] from GothamSchools on Vimeo.